Natural Weight Loss – The Healthiest Way to Lose Weight

We naturally lose weight in many ways such as through exercise, sports, and a healthy and complete diet. Natural weight loss is indeed the healthiest way to lose weight for we do not need to make use of technology, as in the cosmetic surgical procedure of taking away body fats we know as liposuction and drugs like weight loss supplements (herbal or non-herbal) and the different weight loss diet programs or the fad diets.

Many professional health specialists maintain that natural weight loss is the healthiest way to live a healthy life. Unlike the weight loss supplements and the ceaselessly advertised diet pills that claim to make weight loss quicker, natural weight loss does not have adverse effects on the human body. Unlike the starvation diets popularized by the famous in the glitz and glamor show-business, it does not require us to lose weight but holding in our cravings for the food we love to eat and others—thus, we starve ourselves in these starvation diets.

What’s more is that the natural weight loss method helps us to be more confident in ourselves and our body build in that we do not worry about what other people think of us—whether we are overweight or not—because the method teaches us that our build is the ideal for our height and age and we are assured of that because we know our weight borders that of the ideal weight according to our chronological ages.

So how does natural weight loss work? As said in the first two paragraphs, all we need to lose weight naturally is exercise (and lots of it) and a healthy and complete diet. There are exercises we can use daily that facilitate this natural loss of weight. We can get them from the aerobics videotapes, DVD’s, and VCD’s we have or those that are sold on the stores. There are also books that offer instructions on the varying exercises that help us to naturally lose weight. Health and lifestyle magazines are also good sources of these weight loss facilitating physical exercises.

As for the food we take, there is no limitation in contrast with the fad diets, crash diets, starvation diets, or other weight loss programs that require maintenance of a certain diet program or plan. All we do is take food in small quantities during our daily regular meals. Isn’t this the ideal, safest, healthiest and most suitable weight loss program we can avail ourselves of? Not only that, it’s cost effective, too!

There’s no need to employ a medical practitioner’s aid when we make use of this method. Constant regular check-ups with our personal or family doctors will have to do. We can bring about the loss of weight in our bodies if we will it and adhere to the natural weight loss program. The program is fairly simple to maintain and follow. Not only is it healthy to the user but it also is cost effective. All you need to do is avoid those that could ruin the state of good health you’re in.

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Easy Weight Loss – Top 3 Mental Tricks For Dropping Weight Fast

Is there really such a thing as easy weight loss? Weight loss is a billion dollar industry and shows no signs of slowing down as people cram more and more into an already overextended day. There is no time for healthy eating and as a result, people grab a bite at their favorite fast food restaurants. This unhealthy habit, along with increasingly sedentary lifestyles, leads to expanding waist lines. So naturally, people look for an easy way to shed the weight.

Most people finding losing weight and keeping it off extremely difficult. Yet, weight loss can be easy if you develop the right mindset. However, you should first examine your true motivations for wanting to shed weight. Is your desire to lose weight about you or is it about pleasing someone else? If it is for someone else’s benefit, then you have lost the battle before you have even begun. Having a healthy attitude towards losing weight is essential in helping you reach your target weight loss goals.

This may seem overly simple, but the biggest obstacle to overcome in losing weight is a self defeating mindset. If you do not have a positive attitude going into your weight loss journey, you have failed even before you begin. So it is imperative to keep a positive outlook on the process even when you experience setbacks or perceived failures. In order to reach you weight loss goals, you need to focus on the end result, rather than those minor obstacles along the way.

Easy Weight Loss Tip #1 – Believe It to Achieve It

One of the main reasons that people have such a difficult time losing weight is because is because they do not REALLY believe that they can lose weight in the first place. It has been scientifically proven that a person’s beliefs shape his or her world. So if you want to lose the weight and keep it off for good, the first step is developing the mental mindset that coincides with your weight loss goals.

Do not let the negativity of others deter you. And if you find yourself faltering, immediately counter those negative thoughts with positive ones. It may be difficult in the beginning, but once you learn to master your thinking about weight loss, you will find that it is easier to achieve and maintain your goals even when there are setbacks.

Easy Weight Loss Tip #2 – Deal in Reality

Okay, so you have mastered the art of actually thinking about your weight loss in a positive sense. Now, the next issue that most people must to grips with is that their initial weight loss may be highly unrealistic. The truth is that you need to be realistic about your weight loss goals.

It is not realistic to expect to drop 20 pounds in one week. On average, you should expect to lose one to two pounds per week. That may not seem like much, but over the course of a year, you will have lost 56 to 106 pounds. Not that is a goal worth achieving! Set reasonable goals for yourself and the weight will disappear, revealing the slim ‘you’ that you were meant to be.

Easy Weight Loss Tip #3 – View Yourself as a Thinner Person

One of the top mental tricks with anything, including weight loss, is visualizing the end result. You must see yourself the way you want to be (thinner), not the way that you are now (overweight). How you view yourself is directly related to your personal identity. If you have a negative personal identity (such as viewing yourself as an overweight person who will always be overweight), then one of the first things you must overcome is this self defeating view of yourself. It may take time and it may seem silly at first, but the sooner you begin to see yourself as thinner, the sooner it will become a mental reality for you, enabling you to shed those excess pounds more easily.

What most people do not realize is that the right mental attitude is essential when you are trying to lose weight. So before you even begin to attempt to lose weight, you should assess your weight loss mentality first. If you realize that your attitude is overwhelmingly negative, then beginning with the basic metal strategies revealed here should be your first priority. Adjusting your weight loss mentality to a positive mindset will help make reaching your goal weight much easier.

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Weight Loss Plan – Choosing the Best Weight Loss Plan

If you’re like most people out there, you want to find the best weight loss plan that will not only allow you to lose weight quickly, but also keep that weight off for good.

There are many weight loss plans out there that offer promising results – and many do deliver, the biggest problem with such plans though is that in most cases, the weight comes right back on almost as fast as it left.

This leaves you discouraged, disappointed, frustrated – and any other synonym you wish to describe how you feel once that weight you lost comes back on.

In order to combat this and find a weight loss plan that is going to deliver results that stay around, there are a few things you need to be asking yourself.

Is The Weight Loss Plan ‘Livable’?

The first thing to question is whether or not this weight loss plan is something you could see yourself doing for the long term. Yes, once you lose weight some adjustments will be made to ensure you don’t keep losing weight, but still, you want to find a weight loss plan that will introduce to you a way of eating that can easily be continued on for life.

By adopting proper eating habits while on the diet that you can keep doing, you’ll have a dramatically higher chance of maintaining this weight loss later on.

Does The Weight Loss Plan Allow Foods You Enjoy?

Now, let’s face the honest truth here. No one is going to be happy eating nothing but chicken, fish, vegetables, nuts, and salad for weeks on end – no one.

If your weight loss plan does not allow you to incorporate at least two foods that you enjoy on a regular basis, I’d strongly recommend against it.


Adherence will be 90% of your results. If you can’t stick with that diet, you might as well just stop right now.

Regardless of how amazing any given diet is, if you aren’t following it, it’s not doing any good, is it?

Find a weight loss plan that you can at least somewhat enjoy to help increase the chances you see results.

Will The Weight Loss Plan Have You Losing One to Two Pounds A Week?

Finally, the third thing you want to address when on your hunt for a weight loss plan is whether or not it’s going to have you losing weight at a proper rate.

If your plan promises 10 pounds lost in one week, guess what, that weight isn’t body fat. You very well could lose water weight and muscle glycogen to amount to that much, but it’s not going to be true body fat loss.

A good weight loss plan should only have you losing one to two pounds of body fat a week. This will help ensure that it does stay off for good.

Very heavy individuals may be able to get away with three pounds max, but that’s as far as you should push it safely.

So, keep these three factors in mind when choosing your weight loss plan.

If you’re looking for a plan that will allow you to eat one food every single day that you truly enjoy while boosting your metabolism in the process, then the Cheat Weight Loss Program  for you.

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Safe and Successful Weight Loss – Facts and Myths About Weight Loss Diets

When searching for a safe and successful weight loss plan we may be a little unsure of which way to turn since there are so many conflicting reports out there. In order to lose weight successfully we need to know what works and what does not. Many dietary myths prevent long-term weight loss and can actually harm our health, therefore it is extremely important to lose weight the right way.

Take a look at some facts and myths that can influence safe and successful weight loss.

The Facts

1. Calories Per Pound of Body Weight.

Approximately 3,500 calories equals one pound of body weight. The rule of thumb for weight loss is that if we reduce our calorie intake by 500 calories a day we would lose approximately one pound a week. This applies whether they are food calories coming in, or energy calories going out.

Recommended daily calorie intake varies from person to person. Age, height and weight, level of daily activity and body composition are among the factors that must be taken into consideration. On average, it is approximately 15 calories per pound of body weight. For example, someone who weighs 160 pounds may consume around 2,400 calories each day to maintain his or her weight ( 15 calories/pound x 160 pounds = 2,400 calories).

A balanced diet combined with any type of exercise are the key factors in fat loss and weight reduction. If we eat more calories than we burn off throughout the day the result will be that the calories are stored as fat.

For long term weight loss, aim to lose one to two pounds a week. Losing weight more rapidly means losing water weight or muscle tissue, rather than fat.

2. Eat Slowly to Lose Weight

From the moment we start eating it takes the brain 20 minutes to start signaling feelings of fullness so the amount of calories consumed before we begin to feel full can vary depending on how quickly we eat. Give the 20 minute signal a chance to set in by eating slower and shed those extra pounds.

3. Calorie Shifting to Boost Metabolism.

Many people find that after six weeks or so, their weight loss levels plateau. The reason for this is our bodies anticipate these amounts and adapt so our metabolism slows down. We can trick our body by adjusting our calorie intake. Changing the kinds of food, the nutrients and the calories we eat every few days will keep the body guessing and force our metabolism to kick start into action again.

A cheat day once in a while works well – as long as binge eating isn’t involved – not only does it confuse our metabolism into thinking more fuel like this is coming the next day resulting in a faster digestion rate, but it also gives us a mental break to help keep ourselves motivated on the days we diet.

4. Dietary Fibre to Maintain Weight Loss

A diet high in fibre consisting of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods help us to feel full, without adding calories. Foods high in fibre are generally lower in calories and can help maintain weight loss.

The Myths

1. Foods Labelled Low Fat Mean Fewer Calories

Low fat or fat-free claims on labels do not necessary mean these foods are calorie-free.

Foods labelled as such sometimes contain high levels of sugar. Always check the ingredient list on food labels. Watch out for other words used to describe sugar such as sucrose, glucose, fructose and hydrolysed starch. The higher up the ingredients list they come, the higher in sugar the foods are.

Many of us mistakenly think that by eating a lower fat version of a food, we can eat more of it but this will only undermine our efforts and will inevitably lead to weight gain.

2. Eliminating Carbohydrates to Lose Weight

Carbohydrate means carbon plus water – thus the body’s preferred energy source. It was once thought that the key to weight loss was eliminating all high carbohydrate foods, including potatoes, pasta and rice. Cutting out carbohydrates can produce significant weight loss in a short amount of time, but the results are not long-term. As soon as we start eating normally again, the weight returns, even more than before. Good carbohydrates in moderate quantities are necessary for long-term weight control and any healthy diet must include them. It is only when we add butter, cheese or cream to them that we turn them into a fattening food.

3. Avoiding all Fat is Necessary for a Healthy Diet

It is important to have some fat in our diet because fat is necessary for energy and a source of the essential fatty acids that the body cannot make itself. Include a healthy balance of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and even a small amount of saturated. Trans-fats should be avoided altogether.

Too much fat consumption provides more energy than we actually need so we gain weight. Since fat contains more than twice the calories per gram compared to protein and carbohydrates, to lose weight on a calorie-controlled diet, we need to monitor our overall fat intake, our total calorie consumption and our portions.

4. Skipping meals Leads to Weight Loss

Skipping meals lowers our metabolism and causes sudden hunger and food cravings. It is much better to eat 4-5 smaller meals than 2 or 3 large ones. Many people skip breakfast because they think it will help them to lose weight.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals you can have.

When we wake up in the morning, our metabolism is already low because it has been many hours since our last meal and our bodies have had very little to do in that time. It needs food to stimulate it into burning off calories, which will give energy for the morning ahead. Missing out on breakfast means that our bodies miss out on that energy rush and begin to crave high fat snacks, sweets and sugary drinks.


Providing we eat less calories than we burn each day we will lose weight. For successful weight loss, remember that gradual weight loss promotes long-term loss of body fat, not just water weight that is quickly regained but more importantly, rapid weight loss reduces muscle tissue which in turn is replaced by fat.

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Weight Loss Program – 7 Essential Tips That Will Help in Your Weight Loss Plan

Following a weight loss program diligently from start to finish can be a big challenge, and it is wise to be aware of some tips that will put your mind in the right perspective for success of your weight loss plan.

We will go straight to the tips! There are seven of them, so you may want to get a notepad to write them down or print it out for easy reference in future:

Tip No. 1 – Set realistic goals
We start out from the gates with the most important tip to set your mind in the right perspective: you must set realistic goals in your weight loss plan. Ask yourself what you want to achieve in your weight loss program, set attainable small goals that will help you get from one success point to another. Having several short term goals will help motivate you forward towards the ultimate finishing point of your weight loss plan. Break things down into a daily, weekly or monthly weight loss plan so they are realistic and easily achievable.

Tip No. 2 – Write down the scope of your weight loss plan
To be serious about your weight loss program, it is important to sit and write down the scope of your weight loss plan, something like this:

  • How many pounds would you like to lose over a week or a month
  • What kind of foods and fruits you will consume everyday
  • How much of each food you should consume everyday. For this point, it is useful to have a diet generator program help you generate the correct amount daily.

Tip No. 3 – Find an exercise that you can do
Although watching what you eat is very important for your weight loss program, it is as important for you to do some exercise to expend more energy than you consume. There are lots of exercise you can choose according to your lifestyle and your requirements. It is important that you choose an exercise that suits your liking and needs so that you can continue doing it for a long time, even after completing your weight loss program successfully. For example, if you have back problems or a leg injury, the best exercise is probably swimming.

Tip No. 4 – Have a rewards system
Everyone likes rewards, and it is very motivating if we set a reward for reaching each point of your weight loss plan. You can reward yourself with anything, just not in the form of a sumptuous meal! The rewards system will be even more effective if you let a friend or a family member help supervise it so that they will judge if you have indeed completed a particular milestone of your weight loss plan.

Tip No. 5 – Take before and after photos
Have you seen all those advertisements in the papers of before and after photos of weight loss program clients? Doesn’t those photos attract you to sign up for these weight loss programs? Make use of this idea and do it yourself. Take a photo of yourself at the point you start your weight loss program and then continue to take a photo of yourself after every week or every month. The photos will help to illustrate your progress and either motivate you forward when you see marked improvement of yourself in the photos or push you harder when you realise you are not making any progress.

Tip No. 6 – Sleep well
This may sound simple but it is really important for you to have a good sleep every night to help your body system work in perfect order. Your body needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night to maintain mental alertness to help you stay energetic when you are working hard towards the goal of your weight loss plan.

Tip No. 7 – Have a healthy breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal that you should never miss. Skipping breakfast means that you are programming your brain to think that you are starved and deprived, and this will only cause you to feel lethargic. When the pressure is too much, you may decide to embark on an eating binge. This is sheer suicide to your weight loss program!

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5 Major Things They Do Not Want Us to Know About Weight Loss – Find the Truth Here!

Are you overweight? Try to imagine what your life would be like if you had the body that you truly deserve. Now imagine how much easier it would be to get there if you weren’t literally swarmed, with misinformation on the subject of weight loss. If you had the no BS, clear cut guide, which would allow you to lose weight in the most efficient, fastest way possible.

Obesity is one of the major health issues affecting the people of well-developed countries of today. Obesity reduces the life expectancy of a person on average by 9 years. It also greatly reduces the quality of life of that person.

With so many people suffering from obesity and looking for a way to lose the weight, it’s no wonder that the entrepreneurs of today saw this as an opportunity, an opportunity to market to new consumers. To hungry consumers!

That is why today we see diet products, low fat products; we see adverts on TV that promote cereals and other snacks as a part of their weight loss diet. We see countless celebrities that always had great bodies and know nothing about weight loss selling their “get fit” programs. We see countless weight loss pills, countless exercise machines and countless fad diets.

You know how many of those were created with the intention of helping us lose weight? NONE! The companies want us to be looking at these quick fixes, which do not work. So that after we spend our money, try the product and fail to lose weight effectively, we start looking for a new product.

They do not want us to know the truth about losing weight. That would simply not SELL!
So here they are, the things that the mainstream media would rather not tell you about weight loss:

1.Weight loss is simple.

A lot of people believe that to lose weight they need a special formula. They need to have a special fat loss diet that works, a special fat loss exercise program that works, a special supplement that works. You may have been enticed into buying one or the other product just to get discouraged when it didn’t work. I know I have. This makes us subconsciously believe that we need a better, more expensive product to lose weight. This simply disperses any motivation that we had towards losing weight. This is the primary reason why people quit before seeing any real results.

2.Weight loss only requires effort.

The number one thing that determines our progress when losing fat, is the effort we put into it. Isn’t that relieving? You have the total control over how fast and how efficiently you lose your weight. No one program will make us lose weight more efficiently then the other. A fast weight loss diet may have you believe that it’s the diet. But in reality if you have the basic knowledge you can make this diets for yourself on the go. They are common sense. It’s the effort that the diet requires that really makes it work. If you have the basic information that is hidden from you, you will be able to have as fast a weight loss as you want. However what usually happens is people get the product, which allows no control over the effort they put in. And then just hope that it works. Very de-motivating. Don’t you think? I’d like to have total control over the effort I put in and the results I get from the things I do.

3.Weight loss requires consistency.

To lose the weight you need to make a goal and stick to it. You need to change the way you think about things like food and exercise. Fitness has to become a part of your life, and not simply a means to an end. Once you mentally commit yourself, and once you start seeing it as a part of the new you, your body will start transforming right before your eyes. You will stop getting unmotivated and discouraged. You will feel a lot happier and better about yourself. Suddenly eating unhealthily becomes an effort.

4.Fitness is fun.

From watching the TV and seeing countless commercials, programs and even films, we are all brainwashed into believing that fitness isn’t fun. That it’s tedious. That it’s a grind. That it is only a means to an end. The commercials promise us ways of avoiding this grind and still losing weight.

However we do not need to avoid it in the first place as it is very enjoyable after the initial few weeks of mental resistance that people inflict onto themselves. Why do you think most “fitness freaks” are so happy about their fitness. Not because they’re freaks, simply because they realise the truth. They have gone through the pain period that everyone experiences and realised that the pain is nothing but an illusion.

5.Weight loss is an endless goal.

Commercial fat loss information, always promotes their products as short term fixes. People are always looking for a magic pill. What people do not realise is that our bodies are designed as goal striving mechanism. Believe me, if you set yourself a clear goal for losing weight, and commit to it 100% you will feel a great level of fulfillment every time you finish your healthy meal or workout.

That fulfillment will make you a lot happier as a person. Have you ever worked for something really hard, while imagining how good the end result would be? However when you got to that result, it was a little disappointing? That’s because striving for the goal gives our emotions more fulfillment then the actual thing we are striving for.

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