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5 Major Things They Do Not Want Us to Know About Weight Loss – Find the Truth Here!

Are you overweight? Try to imagine what your life would be like if you had the body that you truly deserve. Now imagine how much easier it would be to get there if you weren’t literally swarmed, with misinformation on the subject of weight loss. If you had the no BS, clear cut guide, which would allow you to lose weight in the most efficient, fastest way possible.

Obesity is one of the major health issues affecting the people of well-developed countries of today. Obesity reduces the life expectancy of a person on average by 9 years. It also greatly reduces the quality of life of that person.

With so many people suffering from obesity and looking for a way to lose the weight, it’s no wonder that the entrepreneurs of today saw this as an opportunity, an opportunity to market to new consumers. To hungry consumers!

That is why today we see diet products, low fat products; we see adverts on TV that promote cereals and other snacks as a part of their weight loss diet. We see countless celebrities that always had great bodies and know nothing about weight loss selling their “get fit” programs. We see countless weight loss pills, countless exercise machines and countless fad diets.

You know how many of those were created with the intention of helping us lose weight? NONE! The companies want us to be looking at these quick fixes, which do not work. So that after we spend our money, try the product and fail to lose weight effectively, we start looking for a new product.

They do not want us to know the truth about losing weight. That would simply not SELL!
So here they are, the things that the mainstream media would rather not tell you about weight loss:

1.Weight loss is simple.

A lot of people believe that to lose weight they need a special formula. They need to have a special fat loss diet that works, a special fat loss exercise program that works, a special supplement that works. You may have been enticed into buying one or the other product just to get discouraged when it didn’t work. I know I have. This makes us subconsciously believe that we need a better, more expensive product to lose weight. This simply disperses any motivation that we had towards losing weight. This is the primary reason why people quit before seeing any real results.

2.Weight loss only requires effort.

The number one thing that determines our progress when losing fat, is the effort we put into it. Isn’t that relieving? You have the total control over how fast and how efficiently you lose your weight. No one program will make us lose weight more efficiently then the other. A fast weight loss diet may have you believe that it’s the diet. But in reality if you have the basic knowledge you can make this diets for yourself on the go. They are common sense. It’s the effort that the diet requires that really makes it work. If you have the basic information that is hidden from you, you will be able to have as fast a weight loss as you want. However what usually happens is people get the product, which allows no control over the effort they put in. And then just hope that it works. Very de-motivating. Don’t you think? I’d like to have total control over the effort I put in and the results I get from the things I do.

3.Weight loss requires consistency.

To lose the weight you need to make a goal and stick to it. You need to change the way you think about things like food and exercise. Fitness has to become a part of your life, and not simply a means to an end. Once you mentally commit yourself, and once you start seeing it as a part of the new you, your body will start transforming right before your eyes. You will stop getting unmotivated and discouraged. You will feel a lot happier and better about yourself. Suddenly eating unhealthily becomes an effort.

4.Fitness is fun.

From watching the TV and seeing countless commercials, programs and even films, we are all brainwashed into believing that fitness isn’t fun. That it’s tedious. That it’s a grind. That it is only a means to an end. The commercials promise us ways of avoiding this grind and still losing weight.

However we do not need to avoid it in the first place as it is very enjoyable after the initial few weeks of mental resistance that people inflict onto themselves. Why do you think most “fitness freaks” are so happy about their fitness. Not because they’re freaks, simply because they realise the truth. They have gone through the pain period that everyone experiences and realised that the pain is nothing but an illusion.

5.Weight loss is an endless goal.

Commercial fat loss information, always promotes their products as short term fixes. People are always looking for a magic pill. What people do not realise is that our bodies are designed as goal striving mechanism. Believe me, if you set yourself a clear goal for losing weight, and commit to it 100% you will feel a great level of fulfillment every time you finish your healthy meal or workout.

That fulfillment will make you a lot happier as a person. Have you ever worked for something really hard, while imagining how good the end result would be? However when you got to that result, it was a little disappointing? That’s because striving for the goal gives our emotions more fulfillment then the actual thing we are striving for.

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