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The suggested dosage of Fasoracetam

Nootropic Fasoracetam is the best-suggested nootropic if you suffer any brain disorders symptoms like memory loss, numbness (ADHD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression. There are many nootropics drugs like caffeine and nicotine and many more of them. However, they are not capable enough to effectively prevent symptoms. Also, they can cause many side effects of regular use. Like consuming nicotine which is addictive, can cause addiction. Whereas consuming caffeine which is found in coffee naturally, can cause insomnia. Since Fasoracetam does not have such great side effects, it takes the first lead on the table.  

Dosage of Fasoracetam

Now you May have a question related to the dosage you need to take daily. Don’t worry. We will let you know about the prescribed dosage for Fasoracetam. 

In many clinical trials done on the patience, it is found that 100-800mg is a great amount to get the best of it without causing any side effects. Anecdotally, patients with ADHD have shown a positive impact after consuming 100mg of Fasoracetam. You can also take the dose sublingually by keeping it under your tongue between the range of 5-15mg per day. For the high effectiveness of the Fasoracetam, you can try to take it 100mg. But if you are taking it for the first time, it is recommended that you take the low range around 10 to 15mg.  

Best time to take the dose

The most recommended time to take the dose is right in the morning. Just after you wake up before having breakfast, you are required to take the dose to make the best of it. Most of the medicines are prescribed to be given an empty stomach. Because it is easier to digest the medicinal drug when your stomach is empty, therefore consuming Fasoracetam eating your dinner could be the worst choice! 


It is all good to take Fasoracetam on its own. But some of them would prefer to stack it. While stacking, people take other nootropics with Fasoracetam. The purpose behind this is to increase the effectiveness of the nootropics on the brain. But before it ensures that you don’t consume it on a high amount Or else it can cause many side effects.

How much time it takes to digest 

The digestion process varies from condition to condition. For the younger ones, it gets easily digested. Whereas for the older ones, it takes more time to get cleared from the system. Although, for both age groups, it does not cause any dangerous side effects to the body. If you are suffering or your loved ones are suffering from brain disorders like attention deficit hyperactive disorder, then you should prefer to use nootropics Fasoracetam. You will notice a positive impact within a few weeks of consuming it. You can also check more about other powder-like nootropic pramiracetam.

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