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Gain Control of Your Health and Fitness, Even If You Think You Have No Self-Control

Everyone talks about self-esteem, but how do you get high self-esteem? Where do you buy it from? Does it come in a pack? If you knew how, then you could decide a lot easier to lose weight and have that elusive optimal health and fitness.

High self-esteem automatically leads to care about your health, and desire to look your best, without being obsessive about it. Most of what you read about self-esteem seems to tell you to have high self-esteem, but just telling you to have it doesn’t make it so. If it did, you would already have it.

Here is how to bolster your self-esteem if it is a bit low, or very low, or if you think that maybe you’ve never had any in your whole life: Set a goal, any goal. It doesn’t how small or simple it is. It could be, “today I intend to eliminate the candy bar after work.” This is specific, and should be relatively easy for you to accomplish. And once you do, pat yourself on the back. You did it.

And every time you succeed with a little goal like this, your self-esteem will increase. This is because self-esteem comes from believing in you, by proving to yourself that you can say what you intend to do, and then do it.

Once you do, the third step is to acknowledge within your own mind, and on a feeling level, that you followed through and succeeded. You did what you said you would do. Now you can believe in yourself a little more – trust that you will do what you plan to do – that your plan is real – not just empty talk or words on a paper that will go in the junk pile. It is very simple.

The more little goals you plan, and then accomplish, the higher your self-esteem will rise. One way to get the self-esteem up even faster is to list at night all the things you did well that day. You go to bed in a frame of mind which is self respectful, you fall asleep feeling pleased with yourself. Not beating yourself up.

Health and fitness comes next, the program you want to start. Write it down and each time you do just a small part of it, whether exercising or eating right, or cutting out a junk food for one day, make a note to yourself of that small success. These small successes will lead to bigger successes.

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