Organic Skin Care – Why it is Massively Popular For Men and Women

Everybody wants to look good, both men and women all want to be attractive for a variety of reasons. Most men and women also want to be healthy and feel good. As people see the effects and consequences of the polluted environment we live in, they come to understand that what they eat and what they put on their skin has everything to do with how they look and especially how old they look. People are looking more closely at what the ingredients are that are in all the products they are eating and using on their bodies.

The appeal and interest in choosing organic products has to do with the understanding that healthy skin equates to beautiful, handsome, clear skin. People with sensitive skin want products that don’t do more harm than good to their skin. Pure chemical free nutrition and anti oxidant based skin care ingredients are far less likely to cause adverse reactions to sensitive skin..

It is clear men and women today, want to look naturally handsome and beautiful, not made up or covered up. The natural healthy look is best achieved with natural pure organic skin care products.

People also want to have some color in their skin, it is well known that when you feed yourself enough pure natural nutrition and anti oxidants both inside and outside, your body you can absorb the suns rays with out harmful effects. In fact you gain the positive benefit of the suns natural vitamin D, and you get some color in your skin which looks good and is generally considered attractive.

Putting powerful anti oxidant skin care ingredients on your skin is one of the surest ways to avoid skin cancer. I spent many years of my life at the beach in the sun, I have also been an active outdoors person both for work and play. I’m now 60 years old and I have been concerned about skin cancer. For the last 10 years I have used only highly anti oxidant organic skin care products on my skin. I have not had a single instance of pre cancer, cancer or even a lot of signs of aging skin.

If you are concerned about skin cancer, other skin conditions, aging old looking skin and you would prefer to do something about it with natural non chemical or synthetic skin care products. Then look into pure organic anti oxidant nutrition rich products for men and women. Optimal skin health equals young looking, handsome or beautiful skin.

Like the organic food industry, organic skin care has experienced massive growth in the market place. Much of the highest quality organic skin care products being marketed, are being marketed directly, person to person and through home based businesses.

Because of the popularity of organic products and specifically organic skin care products people are making lots of money marketing them and other people are getting access to great effective results for their skin health.

When you go to the store and look at the non organic products with synthetic and chemical ingredients you find that they are as expensive or more expensive than pure natural organic skin care products. It is a myth that organic products always cost more. Not anymore, you can buy organic food and other products today for the same price and non organic and sometimes even for less. This means people are more receptive to buying organic both for the health value and for the price value.

Michael Chadd is a Holistic Health Consultant and Advisor. He has been helping people with nutrition and lifestyle choices for internal and external health for over twenty years.

Three Anti Aging Skin Care Steps to Your Most Youthful and Beautiful Facial Complexion

As time marches on, you can begin to see the effects of aging on your facial skin. Your most youthful and clear facial complexion begins to give way to age spots, sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines, large pores and other problem skin conditions. Not only that, your radiant, smooth and healthy facial skin begins to look rough, dry and uneven in tone and texture. This lethal combination can start to significantly diminish your zeal for life as you begin to feel as old as you look.

Three anti aging skin care treatment steps can absolutely reverse aging signs and allow you to recapture your confidence in looking and feeling young, fresh and vibrant once again. These three steps include determining the health of your skin, skin resurfacing treatment and use of pharmaceutical grade FDA approved skincare products.

Step 1: Determine the Overall Health of Your Facial Skin

The optimum health of your facial skin begins with a measurable evaluation in surface and deeper layers where actual and future problems can be identified. Such problems as acne, brown spots, sun damage, wrinkles and other problem skin conditions, left untreated, will eventually appear on your skin’s surface. In one non-invasive, photographic image, it is possible to get detailed pictures and information about sun damage, blemishes, wrinkles, vascular and melanin conditions and other problems in both deep and superficial layers. This analysis allows for the most accurate assessment and diagnosis for determining the best skin care treatment interventions for each individual person.

Step 2: Deep Cleansing, Exfoliation, Moisturizing and Hydration Through Skin Resurfacing

Once the health of your facial skin is determined, your next step is to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and hydrate through facial skin resurfacing. This critical anti aging skin care treatment can best be accomplished through HydraFacial™ Skin Resurfacing. In this professional treatment, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and nourishment are combined for restoring your most youthful and beautiful facial complexion. Even after your first session, you will notice an improvement in the elasticity of your facial skin; a balanced skin tone and texture; diminished fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation problems like brown spots, age spots and sun spots, reduced puffiness around your eyes and faded acne blemishes and scarring. Your facial skin will look and feel years younger and will continue to improve with each skin resurfacing facial treatment.

Step 3: Pharmaceutical Grade FDA Approved Skin Care Products

The last step in attaining and maintaining your ultimate facial skin beauty and health involves putting into place a daily skincare regimen with pharmaceutical grade FDA approved skin care products. Many skincare products effectively hide imperfections but contain fillers and additives that are actually harmful, contributing to free radicals that ultimately damage and age your skin. Products that are proven to safely and effectively treat actual problems and restore the health of your skin at the cellular level without harmful ingredients are your best choice. Pharmaceutical products such as the Obagi Skin Care line, available only by prescription, effectively treat such problems as sun damage, hyper pigmentation problems, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture and acne and rosacea. Obagi skin care is the only FDA approved skincare line on the market and is clinically proven to significantly improve the overall health and appearance of your facial skin. Available as skin care systems, these products produce a balanced, clear and perfectly hydrated young looking complexion.

Isn’t it Time to Choose Young Looking, Healthy Skin?

If you’re ready to feel young and passionate about life once again, follow these three anti aging skin care treatment steps for turning back time and restoring your natural facial beauty – a look that is sure to get you noticed! Remember to begin with measurable information about the health of your skin in all layers. Then use skin resurfacing treatments that cleanse, hydrate, moisturize and nourish. Commit to using pharmaceutical grade FDA approved skin care products that safely and effectively repair and restore your youngest and healthiest looking skin.

Facts of Skin Care Information – Find Out the Truth About the Ingredients That Are in Your Skin Care

Most companies leave out the dangers of their ingredients in their product and have limited skin care information on their labels. If they included, “Parabens are preservatives we use to lengthen the shelf life of our hydrating cream. Although, they affect estrogen levels and can cause breast tumors, our cream sure does moisturize your face!” I do not think it would attract and influence consumers to buy their products.

Today, there are over 100,000 chemicals in different areas of our life, including cosmetics, skin care, hair products, etc. Only 5 percent, of those chemicals, have been thoroughly tested for their long-term impact on human health.

According to new estimates, our skin can absorb up to 60 percent of substances applied to its surface. I do not know about you but, that is scary to think about. That being said, I think I can speak for more people than myself, natural skin care is the best choice when it comes to skin care. Most of the brands on the market today contain harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. With the fact that your skin eats too, those ingredients are sounding dangerous. Natural ingredients are plant-based and are made from plant extracts and essential oils. Sounds delicious. They are safer to use and milder for your skin.

Do not go be fooled by the skin care information companies tell you. Here are a few dangerous and harmful ingredients to avoid. Hopefully these will give you some insight on the truth about skin care.

Fragrances are in most skin care products. They may smell nice however, fragrances are safe for you and should not be in any of your skin and body care. Fragrance can be referred up to 4000 separate ingredients alone therefore, we do not know exactly what we are applying to our skin that eventually enters our blood stream. Many are toxic and may also be carcinogenic. Most are common to affect the central nervous system which can cause depression and irritability.

Mineral oil is also a commonly used ingredient in most skincare. It is used as a base for creams, makeup, and other skin and beauty products. Mineral oil also have other names like petrolatum and liquid paraffin. It is not only bad for the skin but it also causes the pores to become clogged. When the pores become blocked, the skin is unable to breathe and it is also unable to get rid of the toxins and wastes. This makes the skin more prone to irritation, inflammation, acne formation, and other skin problems.

Mineral oil is cheap which is the reason why companies use this ingredient. It allows them to cut costs in production leaving them a higher profit margin.

Dioxanes are widely used in skincare products and usually contains high concentrations of 1,4-dioxane which is easily absorbed through the skin. Actually, 1.4-dioxane is considered a chemical that causes cancer. It is a by-product of the cancer-causing petrochemical ethylene oxide, which is used as part of a process called ethoxylation, which makes harsh ingredients milder. Dioxanes also can cause damage to the kidneys and liver.

As you can see, these are a few of the dangerous ingredients that are commonly used. We see the commercials, with the models, advertising a new product however, they are not including the dangers of it in their skin care information. And why would they? They want consumers to buy their products so they can make money.

My advice to you: become knowledgeable about the ingredients you should not feed your skin and the natural ones that will keep you healthy and beautiful. Natural is the new trend! Visit my site today to learn about more natural ingredients and how they can be beneficial to you.

Professional Skin Care for Men – Discover Secret Ingredients To Great Looking Skin

Skin care for men is becoming increasingly a vital part of a man’s daily grooming routine. Apart from just shaving today’s men uses moisturizers, cleansers and toners and believe it or not a lot of men are now interested in finding anti aging skin care products and treatments. Finding professional skin care for men has just gotten easier.

Do you know what professional skin care for men involves? It certainly does not mean you have to go to a spa or beauty salon everyday to get your skin looked after. It can all be done right in the comfort of your very own home. Let me give you a bit of advice on how this can be accomplished.

First men should take care of their skin the following way:

1. Protect it from extreme sunlight. The UV rays of the sun wreak havoc on your skin. It can lead to age spots, wrinkles and uneven-toned skin. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing when you go outdoors.

2. Eat healthy. A healthy diet consisting of lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish will certainly reflect on the appearance of your skin. Fish high in omega 3 fatty acids are essential for healthy skin. Fish such as hoki, tuna, sardines and salmon are high in omega 3s.

3. Quit Smoking: If you smoke quit or at least cut down. Cigarette smoking is harmful to your health and skin. It causes premature skin aging and prevents your body from eliminating toxins as efficiently.

4. Drink lots of water: Water is vital for your health as it helps to eliminate waste and keep your body hydrated. Water also helps your skin maintain moisture and allow it to look healthy.

5. Use natural skin care products specifically made to be used on a man’s skin. Products made for men will address the many issues you have to deal with daily.

One major issue most men have to deal with is shaving which is harsh on the skin. Shaving can lead to inflamed and irritated skin which should be properly treated. A Professional skin care for men product should contain a substance known as Witch Hazel which has been proven to heal and repair cuts and bruises caused by shaving.

Witch Hazel is known as the first responder to shaving cuts and bruises. It is a natural astringent and antioxidants that also nourishes your skin while healing it.

If you use natural products then you won’t have to worry which product to use on your skin based on your skin type. Natural products works on any skin type whether it is oils, dry or normal.

Look for other natural ingredients that will help get rid of wrinkles, forehead lines, under eye bags, dark circles and overall unhealthy looking skin. Substances such as Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame, natural oils such as Avocado, Jojoba and Grapeseed should all be a part of your skin care routine. These natural substances are vital to maintaining a healthy and younger-looking appearance.

Must Know Skin Care Tips To Protect Your Skin and Keep It Healthy And Younger Looking

Are you striving to have healthy beautiful skin? Most of us spend a lot of time trying to achieve this. There are many skin care tips that you can implement in your daily skin care routine to enhance your appearance. Diet, sun avoidance, facials on a regular basis, using natural skin care products and drinking lots of water. These all factor into developing and maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

Your Diet

Another skin care tip that is very important to healthy skin and body is eating a healthy diet. A balanced diet high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals is essential for a more youthful appearance. Stay away from foods high in fats and sugar and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. If you follow the food pyramid this will guide you into selecting healthy foods to eat daily. Your body needs essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to protect your skin and keep it radiant and healthy

Sun Avoidance

Avoid excess sun exposure. Most skin care specialists will convey to you that one of the secrets to achieving perfect skin is to protect your skin from the sun. If you spend a lot of time in the sun this can lead to premature wrinkles, age spots, freckles and dry, rough skin. Applying SPF high sun screen daily. The longer you stay in the sun the more you must reapply your sunscreen to guarantee protection.


If you can afford facials regularly, this will enhance the appearance of your skin. If not, you can do your own by buying natural cleansers and hydrating masks to help remove dead skin and help to replace this with newer younger looking skin. Facials also helps keep your pores clean and remove dirt and grime from your face.

Drinking lots of water

Water is necessary to keep your body and skin healthy. It helps eliminate toxins and keep your skin properly hydrated. A well hydrated skin is much easier to keep healthy.

Using Natural skin care products

It is very important to use skin care products that are natural which contains active ingredients made using the latest skin rejuvenation technology. Natural active ingredients will help enhance your body’s production of collagen and elastin which are necessary for healthy, beautiful skin.

No skin care tip can exclude this aspect as the ingredients you put on your skin is vital. Stay away from harsh chemicals such as parabens, alcohol, fragrance and mineral oil. These are unhealthy substances that will harm your skin and your healthy especially if used over long periods.

These skin care tips are simple and easy to follow. Just a few minutes each day will lead you to having and maintaining healthy, glowing, younger looking skin for a long time.

Busting Biggest Myths About Skin and Skin Care – Uncover the Truth

No more rumours and no more myths. Learn the truth about your skin taking care of it. The truth about skin care is that you need to do the simple things right. You need to get started on a skin care routine and stick to it. Don’t try ten different things for your skin. If you think a particular skin care routine is working for you, keep following the routine.

Here are a few myths that need to be busted.

Myth: The more expensive the cream the better its result

Fact: Some inexpensive skin care products are as good as their expensive counterparts. It’s not the money that counts but the ingredients of the product and whether they suit your skin or not. An expensive product looks better, because it has better packaging and has been marketed better. But, if you think such products have a better science that can back up their claims, you are wrong. The best thing would be to stick to products that are popular and the ones that you know are efficient. The worst thing you can do is use a skin care product because it is expensive.

Myth: Anti ageing creams work best if used at night

Fact: Here’s a question for you – are anti ageing creams by any chance used by vampires or some other creatures of the night. No, right? So, why generalise all anti ageing creams as creatures of the night? There is definitely some truth to this myth because there are some anti ageing creams that work best at night as they contain ingredients such as peptides. Look up the instructions while buying anti ageing creams. If they specially ask you to use the cream at night before you sleep, use them accordingly. What happens is that at night the pH levels of your skin decreases, weakening the protective barrier allowing the anti-ageing ingredients to work better.

Myth: An appropriate sun screen will also act as an anti ageing cream or solution

Fact: There are some skin care products that make tall claims and spread myths. One such myth is that a sunscreen that offers an SPF of 15 can also prevent wrinkles. If you really want to keep the wrinkles away, then no amount of SPF is going to do it for you. SPF is a laboratory measure of the protection the cream can offer against the UV rays of the Sun. The higher the SPF, the higher your protection against the skin-damaging UV rays.

Myth: You can’t hit two birds with one stone

Fact: You don’t need an array of skin care products to take care of your skin. Use skin care products that offer you a collection of benefits. So, if you are suffering from acne, you could use a product that not only helps get rid of acne but also contains anti-ageing properties. Take the example of a cream called Gamma Hydroxy. It not only helps you get rid of acne scarring and blemishes but also helps reduce wrinkles and regeneration of aged cells. Again there are various products that act as moisturisers, but also have anti ageing products. Using such products helps you save on your expenses and also ensures that you don’t use too many products on your skin.

They are just some of the myths that people believe about skin and skin care. As you go along, you will come across plenty more and each one of them needs to be busted. This will help you take proper care of your skin.