Pain Management and Anesthesia Coding – Get Payments For Unlisted Procedures

You can get paid for unlisted procedures, but the road is not always easy, mor eso in pain management and anesthesia practice. However, there are ways you can boost your chances of reimbursement.

You should make an effort to obtain pre-authorization from the payer in a letter. If you have clinical trials that have been conducted by recognized bodies of physicians, see to it that you include that information in your pre-authorization letter requesting approval for a pain management procedure for which you’ll be using an unlisted code.

The letter should also include any current CPT codes that are similar in work and risk.

Study payer’s policies for tips. Most medical policies that payers publish on their websites include disclaimers that every benefit plan defines what services are covered and what services are excluded. One of the things you want to keep up with are those policies payers publish on their websites. It may so happen that sometimes those policies can very much work to your advantage.

Keep a watch on employer plans. Payers often handle medical plans for employers. It is essential to check the patient’s benefit plan for payment information even if the payer website says that the procedure isn’t covered. Be prepared for a bit of a surprise as well because sometimes a specific plan may cover the procedure.

But in the end you should stick to the AMA official coding guidelines unless your contract with a payer stipulates otherwise. If you have any difficulty with a payer processing any unlisted procedure code, then you may take in hand the issue with the payer rep who may direct your provider that it’s all right to report a CPT code breaking away from the AMA CPT guidelines.

To get free CPT code information, there are various one-stop websites that offer free trials. Once you’re sure the website meets your purpose, you can get yourself registered there.

Reducing Inflammation May Help Prevent Blood Vessel Disease In Diabetics

For years researchers have know that there has been a significant link between chronic inflammation and diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and even cancer. Now recent studies show that reducing inflammation may actually help people with high glucose levels or diabetes to avoid the heart disease and blood vessel disease that almost goes hand in hand with diabetes.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Is Not Enough

For years scientists have not been able to understand why in patients whose diabetes were caught early and who managed to control their blood sugar levels exceptionally well still seemed to develop heart and blood vessel disease at much the same rate as diabetics who struggled to control their glucose levels. Now recent studies reveal that while controlling those blood sugar levels is important and can help diabetics maintain overall better health, it may not be enough to prevent or even significantly slow the advancement of blood vessel disease. The reason is that inflammation, which has been linked to both diabetes and heart disease is also the reason that most diabetics develop heart and blood vessel disease as well as diabetes.

This only makes sense when you stop to consider that when the body becomes inflamed white blood cells rush to fight the inflammation and heal the body. In cases where chronic inflammation is a problem the immune system becomes worn down and simply can’t protect the body effectively. So do the results of these latest studies give any hope to diabetics? The answer is yes.

Fighting Inflammation

The results of this study on the effects of inflammation on diabetics suggests that reducing inflammation in the body may slow or prevent blood vessel disease in diabetics as well as produce other benefits that are not yet known. Researchers are now looking at all the ways you can help to reduce inflammation and suggest some of the following.

• Get proper Exercise. Diabetics have always been encouraged to exercise and this is more important than ever as exercise actually helps to reduce inflammation in the body, which can help to keep your blood vessels and heart healthy and strong.

• Take off those Extra Pounds. Carrying extra weight can also contribute to inflammation of the body, so taking off that extra weight can help reduce inflammation plus has the added benefit of lessening stress on your heart and blood vessels.

• Get Proper Dental Care. Although researchers have not yet urged diabetics to get proper dental care, the fact is that periodontal disease can cause inflammation that contributes to blood vessel disease, so diabetics should take extra care to make sure that they get regular check ups and have any gum or periodontal disease treated as early as possible.

• Talk to Your Doctor about Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Diabetics should also talk to their doctor about the possible use of anti-inflammatory drugs to help reduce that inflammation. Make sure you discuss with your medical professional the advantages and disadvantages of taking such medications and make an informed decision regarding whether or not these drugs are right for you.

Reducing that inflammation gives diabetics the hope of living a longer, healthier life. So do everything you can to fight that inflammation that may be destroying your health.

Easy Weight Loss – Top 3 Mental Tricks For Dropping Weight Fast

Is there really such a thing as easy weight loss? Weight loss is a billion dollar industry and shows no signs of slowing down as people cram more and more into an already overextended day. There is no time for healthy eating and as a result, people grab a bite at their favorite fast food restaurants. This unhealthy habit, along with increasingly sedentary lifestyles, leads to expanding waist lines. So naturally, people look for an easy way to shed the weight.

Most people finding losing weight and keeping it off extremely difficult. Yet, weight loss can be easy if you develop the right mindset. However, you should first examine your true motivations for wanting to shed weight. Is your desire to lose weight about you or is it about pleasing someone else? If it is for someone else’s benefit, then you have lost the battle before you have even begun. Having a healthy attitude towards losing weight is essential in helping you reach your target weight loss goals.

This may seem overly simple, but the biggest obstacle to overcome in losing weight is a self defeating mindset. If you do not have a positive attitude going into your weight loss journey, you have failed even before you begin. So it is imperative to keep a positive outlook on the process even when you experience setbacks or perceived failures. In order to reach you weight loss goals, you need to focus on the end result, rather than those minor obstacles along the way.

Easy Weight Loss Tip #1 – Believe It to Achieve It

One of the main reasons that people have such a difficult time losing weight is because is because they do not REALLY believe that they can lose weight in the first place. It has been scientifically proven that a person’s beliefs shape his or her world. So if you want to lose the weight and keep it off for good, the first step is developing the mental mindset that coincides with your weight loss goals.

Do not let the negativity of others deter you. And if you find yourself faltering, immediately counter those negative thoughts with positive ones. It may be difficult in the beginning, but once you learn to master your thinking about weight loss, you will find that it is easier to achieve and maintain your goals even when there are setbacks.

Easy Weight Loss Tip #2 – Deal in Reality

Okay, so you have mastered the art of actually thinking about your weight loss in a positive sense. Now, the next issue that most people must to grips with is that their initial weight loss may be highly unrealistic. The truth is that you need to be realistic about your weight loss goals.

It is not realistic to expect to drop 20 pounds in one week. On average, you should expect to lose one to two pounds per week. That may not seem like much, but over the course of a year, you will have lost 56 to 106 pounds. Not that is a goal worth achieving! Set reasonable goals for yourself and the weight will disappear, revealing the slim ‘you’ that you were meant to be.

Easy Weight Loss Tip #3 – View Yourself as a Thinner Person

One of the top mental tricks with anything, including weight loss, is visualizing the end result. You must see yourself the way you want to be (thinner), not the way that you are now (overweight). How you view yourself is directly related to your personal identity. If you have a negative personal identity (such as viewing yourself as an overweight person who will always be overweight), then one of the first things you must overcome is this self defeating view of yourself. It may take time and it may seem silly at first, but the sooner you begin to see yourself as thinner, the sooner it will become a mental reality for you, enabling you to shed those excess pounds more easily.

What most people do not realize is that the right mental attitude is essential when you are trying to lose weight. So before you even begin to attempt to lose weight, you should assess your weight loss mentality first. If you realize that your attitude is overwhelmingly negative, then beginning with the basic metal strategies revealed here should be your first priority. Adjusting your weight loss mentality to a positive mindset will help make reaching your goal weight much easier.